I used to have a video player with all of my favorites in them.  Although it was nice and clean, it didn’t give me a chance to blog about each one the way I want to.  Re,Re,RE,Designing the site inspired me to post one video at a time and giving a good Dawg Description possibly in Dawg’z Daily Doses.

That said, I start with the mission.  This video focuses on exactly that:


Yep, that’s me being a ninja protestor, talking intelligently to LAW ENFORCEMENT instead of screaming at them.  I asked them specifically about Due Process and how they felt about enforcing the NDAA if ever asked to detain American Citizens indefinitely, IF they were ever ORDERED to enforce such a LAW.

The mission is and should always be the common goal. I promise you, finding differences is VERY easy amongst any crowd, staying focused on a common enemy can prove to be far more difficult.  However, once the momentum of good people doing good things builds, it’s basically unstoppable . . .


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