If only I could share every detail of the numerous trenches I tend to simultaneously.

I feel at times, like now, that my problem is “too many fires, not enough irons”.

Sugar Quartz by itself needs a team of scientists backed by creative marketing including the Science.

Since the bills don’t pay themselves, yet,

Touched by Fire, needs an investor so I can finish writing the full 400 page novel and publish the hard cover and paperback editions.

I also need to record audio book version of Touched by Fire and Just Another Stranger (book to back up TBF).

Dawg and Super Funky Tron have music recorded that needs to be mixed so we can continue recording before Mr. Reza leaves.

Not only do I make the stuff, I have to promote all of this on the Twitt-er, Insta-pups, and the Fed Book.  cranial

Every freaking day, I grind at every one of these stones, some of them literal.

In case you didn’t know, none of the required pictures, flyers, websites, social media actions create or do themselves.

I’m still mega broke (temporarily), living off of magic jewelry sales (Getting certified is a story by itself), because I BELIEVE IN MYSELF.  Einstein, Tesla, Ghandi, Ben Franklin, Tom the Con Edison – all of them were deemed crazy, until their “madness” was converted into BELIEF.

I’m not saying that I’m great like them, but one thing we DO share in common is the relentless pursuit of NEVER GIVING UP.

THIS is the Wednesday Warrior.  For the record, it’s Wednesday EVERY day.  Life is a 24/7 event.  Our hearts, missions & minds should be too.

That being said, PLEASE buy some INCREDIBLE 1ofaKind Art Jewelry, or an E-book True Story about the time I burned in my sleep, Flat Lined in Recovery and Came Back, AND/or an AWESOME Dance Single and then go be a Wednesday Warrior for yourself.

Please build something awesome that creates win-win situations. This way you ensure that you can ALWAYS look yourself.  Why?  So that times like now, dignity is something you will always have.

I love all of you,


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