Fall down 7, Stand up 8. ‘Aint nothin’ stopping me or you from being great.

It’s half my quote, half Bruce Lee’s.

If you don’t know who he is, I STRONGLY recommend you look him up when you can.

As a matter of fact, here is a video of Bruce Lee Playing Ping Pong using Nun Chucks against TWO people AND he whooped them silly.

I use him as an example because he taught that the Power of the Human Mind is the MOST powerful force on Earth.  He fell down A LOT more than 7 times, but the principle of never giving up and fighting until you have no fight left is something I learned and engraved into my DNA.


It starts with a thought – the most basic idea “IMAGINE if____”.

Somewhere inside of you lies your own personal “imagine if”.  Find it, let it come to you, then DRIVE it with your heart, Guide it with your Mind and suddenly, you will feel and KNOW your purpose.

Namaste.  I love you all,


Marco Antonio Berrios

aka #thewonderdawg.


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