One of the first things I learned in life is that even though we are NOT all born with the same cards, WE CAN change the cards we have. I am living proof.

When we strive to grow Mentally, Spiritually, Creatively, Physically, and Financially, while keeping a positive outlook, every day, life seems to just fall into place. But there IS a science behind this.  I explain it in “The Five Fundamentals”

I’m going to write a small piece about each one every Friday, starting today.


1A – I respect Myself First and Foremost – for Respect is the First and most form of Love.  I can not expect respect from others when I don’t get respect from myself.

1B – I respect my environment – understanding that my environment SHARES Frequency and Space with me.  When I respect the table, it holds up stronger, when I respect the Earth she holds me up stronger – ALL relevant.

1C – I respect EVERYONE and EVERY THING – LIVING OR NOT.  I actually thank the water and the pitcher when I pour and drink.  I thank the stairs I walk on. I thank the trees that let me breathe and the plants bearing seed.  Because when I respect everything, everything respects me.

Fundamentals Sky

I love and Respect all of you.  Thank you for reading, learning and growing.

<3 Dawg



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