This Monday is so mad, you get it on Tuesday

– I’m STILL confused. . .

Dude gets lost over 400 years ago,

We give him a holiday.20120706_200102Then “civilized people” decided to enforce “civilization”on

happy people that did not need, want or ask for any help of any kind

by using a litany of barbaric methods of, divide, destroy and conquer.


“We” decided to “make up” for it, by “giving/allowing”

the original Indigenous land care takers small plots of land where they can do anything they pleased

without being taxed by the entity that robbed them in the first place.

Feel like a bully yet?  Shamefully, I do. 911 justified I’m a PROUD American, Ashamed of the Politicians Pretending to Represent me.

But this problem can be fixed in ONE MONTH.  PLEASE VOTE LIKE CRAZY – AND DO SOMETHING “CRAZY” –

“DON’T Select if it says ‘RE-Elect'”



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