Fundamental #4 – Put the Love into it.Fundamentals SkyIt seems so basic, yet so many of us miss this key essential called “Love”.

I don’t mean romantically involved.

Yes Romance is A form of Love, but NOT not the only


Oath Keepers






even Trees

Know “Love” in ways outside of Romance.  The list is seemingly infinite – so is the option to CHOOSE” to Love instead of ______.

That said, When I Love YOU, BEFORE I love me,

You Love me before you love you –

almost magically via synergy of frequency.

Try it the next time someone cuts you off.

Give him the finger and then wish him a nice day.

Ok, don’t give him the finger, but DEFINITELY wish him a nice day.

Maybe pat yourself on the back for controlling yourself and sending him love instead?

This happens every day.  Someone at my new job dropped the rock and I didn’t get paid yesterday – it left me with $27 until possibly two Fridays from now.  Yes I was PISSED.  I never wished the kid any harm – the old me, would be at his house by now.  Instead, I revel in the fact that I knew better AND acted on it.  Karma points are of the highest value. 🙂

The result: an honest email/plea with positive frequency and a payroll rep doing his best to get me paid appropriately.

I promise you, if I was mean, he wouldn’t be trying as hard as he was/did for me.  Fundamental #4 – Put the Love into it.

That said, go Love something or someone

and PLEASE listen to the music on this site 🙂

I Love all of You,

Marco Antonio Berrios




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