Ok, so we’re learning that new habits are in fact hard to form.  I really have been trying to post DAILY – yet life, and my own decisions have slowed it down.  HOWEVER, I am COMMITTED to this new habit and thank you for growing with me 🙂

dog saves

That said, this dog is an example of growth, maybe even evolution.  She literally saved her kids from a burning house and put them into a fire truck.  If Dogs or “wild animals” can be this compassionate, what is stopping the HUMAN race from being the same way?  Choices we make resonate forever, even if you “take them back”, the initial frequency will also leave some type of residue. . .

THAT said, PLEASE make a choice to BE a GOOD person who takes care of PEOPLE over PROFITS.  PLEASE CHOOSE to DO WHAT IS RIGHT OVER WHAT YOU’RE TOLD.


<3 Dawg



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