Monday Mornings can be so Ominous for so many of us.

I remember hitting a snooze button WISHING I didn’t have to be on the 6:08.

I also KNEW what missing ONE little train can do to the REST of my day, and sometimes week.   So, I made things happen to avoid a landslide of negativity.

Strangely although engulfed in interconnectivity, I never saw the TRUE HUMAN CONNECTION.

WE are truly connected in ways Never chakraPLEASE CLOSE YOUR EYES AND LISTEN TO THIS (preferably with headphones) to begin unlocking your soul’s true potential:

The reality is, WHATEVER WE PUT IN OUR MINDS IS WHAT BECOMES TRUE.  So PLEASE enjoy the frequency frequently while projecting “happy thoughts” everywhere including into the worst of our enemies. It’s quicker and more efficient than any conflict while creating a win-win situation 🙂 #LifeIsGood when we #Choose it to #Be

I Love you All,

Marco Antonio Berrios

aka Dawg aka thewonderdawg

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