It was exactly 10 days ago that I sat down to do a “Dawg’z Daily Dose”.  As of this morning I had 6 – not the smoothest start.

That DID include 1 laptop crash & repair (repaired it myself), 2 #SugarQuartz jewelery sales & makings PLUS 3 song recording/writings.  ONE WEEK of productivity HAPPENED, regardless of what obstacles tried to present themselves.  That is also because I choose to be productive.
i am what I choose to becomeI do NOT waste #time on #Stats that don’t #count like I used to.

Then again, I did not realize I was choosing to waste my life. 

Yes football is a great sport, but spending 12-16 hours watching a sport instead of playing it while consuming extreme toxins all day and then following it up with at least 4 hours a day on lineups, research etc is not what I consider “time well spent” any more.

I prefer releasing some more Ah-MAZING music, Picture Perfect #sugarQuartz #jewelry and Mind #Awakening posts.

Yes, I can still look at my digital trophies to remind me of

who I CHOSE to be then and

who I CHOOSE to be now.


Marco Antonio Berrios


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