Thank you for Growing with me on this journey – creating a new habit – Dawg’z Daily Dose food vibrations

Embracing new habits, as we see, are not easy, even if WELL intended.

I’ve embraced new habits before but never documented them until now.

What I’ve learned so far is that you need:

1. Intention

“In my case, the intention is: “Leave the World a little Better than I Found it”

2: Action

Set Goal/Initiative to Post Daily – Dawg’z Daily Dose

3. Persistence

No matter what happens, like my keyboard not responding as I type this,

I am committed to the INTENTION and REFUSE to lose the war or my Ethics.

high house

I haven’t gotten much further in “Documenting the Experiment”, as this is day 11 of 28.  Let’s see where it goes.

For now, I do know that this post brings me to 10 posts out of 11 and we are almost at a balanced blog budget.

<3 Dawg

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