I tell you what, if it’s one I’ve always said, it’s “Get ‘er dun!”.

I can dish out excuses OR tell how I “Got ‘er dun” instead.

cropped-TopDawgCorner.jpgThe stories used to start out with “I sacrificed going to the game”

then it was “I watched the highlight reel”,

to “who’s playing”?

to #StatsThatCount.four or three

Perspective is a choice – when we are truly open, we realize the possibility of our perspective not always being “right”.

This allows us to follow NATURE’S design – almost all creatures with advanced organs have TWO EARS and only ONE Mouth – this means we are SUPPOSED to listen Twice as much as we speak.

Whether we choose to agree with that perspective, is a perspective within itself.

So PLEASE CHOOSE a perspective that Creates Win-win situations everywhere you go 🙂



Marco Antonio Berrios

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