Focused Friday. . .

Crap!! It’s Sunday.

. ..  Night.

Technically Monday Morning. castleI’ve had this Blog Post in my mind since Friday – a determined testament to Focus “as I caught up with my blog posts”, yet I find myself “finally sitting down to do ‘Dawg stuff’ a week after leaving Mr. Reza Manzoori’s, the incredible guitar player who is on all of my latest tracks.

No I didn’t fall into Fantasy Football remission. 🙂

I found myself taking my own advice and focused on #StatsThatCount the most right now. 

That Stat is: “How Many Federal Reserve Notes can I gather?”

I started out my year finding out the 4 months of income I was scheduled to receive, got cut.  Happy freaking New Year right?  It was actually.

But it didn’t change the fact that I was starting out my year with a deficit

and a big ass Rock.  

The Spiritual journeys that led me to that Crystal made me KNOW this was no accident.

What I didn’t know is that it would take me almost ALL YEAR to say it IS CERTIFIED via Wiki Pedia

The 9 months (ironic don’t you think) it took me are a mini series within itself. Huge Ruby Red Xtra Juicy Druzy 486_00 CloseI lost my home, my car and all sorts of dignity while watching Scientists, Gemologists, Geologists and fake Spiritualists LIE TO MY FACE telling me “This is nothing of high value” RIGHT after they told me, they  have NEVER SEEN ANYTHING LIKE THIS.

(Professionals who do this all day, every day – NEVER seen anything like it, and it holds NO value??)

What none of them knew is God talks to me in ways others can’t even imagine because I burned, died and revived.

I KNEW they were lying and all of their body languages confirmed it – shocked and awed at first site, extremely excited to study and hold the crystals, admiring the rarity, acknowledging NEVER seeing anything like it, followed by bad poker faced and squeaky voiced lies.  –  I KNEW

Red MeTheir bad acting confirmed the extremely high value and fueled my quest in finding SCIENTIFIC DATA:

Sugar Quartz was referenced three different times in the United States Geological Survey by Joseph Hyde Pratt in “The Occurrence and Distribution of Corundum in the United States – by Joseph Hyde Pratt”, published in 1901 on page 650

“A few of the smaller caverns only, near the surface, could be seen. These were lined with crumbling, rust-colored, oxidized ore, beneath which there was often unaltered galena. Sometimes these caves are lined and partly filled with a light, porous, pumiceous sponge of quartz. This is not the cellular, honeycombed quartz resulting from the removal of ore by oxidizing waters, but is an original spongy crystallization of minute quartz crystals, with some interstitial kaolin. It forms a light friable mass that is strongly suggestive of pumice. It is analogous to the “sugar quartz” occurring in vugs, with sericite, in some of the gold- quartz veins of California, although not to the “sugar quartz” which results from a crushing of the vein.” – Joseph Hyde Pratt

Once I found the data, I had to figure out how to properly submit it to wikipedia and validate/certify “Sugar Quartz” as it’s own entity,

thus having it’s own value. 

Since no one can find it, especially from Sedona, this Crystal is scientifically and commercially invaluable. 

After validating on Wiki, I was blessed with being able to acquire

Naturally, I had to get to work and build the mo fo and had to do all the art work, Etsy store set up, Instagram marketing and make more inventory.20140915_123004All, so I can say “Thank You” to my haters for fueling my fire. <3 🙂


That being said, I hope you understand why I haven’t written all week or made/promoted any music.  Don’t you worry, things DO balance 🙂




Marco Antonio Berrios

aka Dawg, aka #thewonderdawg

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