Fine Tuning a new habit: “Dawg’z Daily Dose” I’m learning that it takes more effort and planning than I ever imagined.

Part of it is Lifestyle changes:

I purposely want momentary digital disconnects

AS a result, my laptop was off from Thursday night until late Monday night.

I also wanted to focus on making two matching bracelets that are already paid for:


2 #new #SUGARQUARTZ pieces fresh off the #dawg pawz #LifeIsGood

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  AND work on other non digi stuffs.  Missionz accomplished.

In regards to the mission, I am finding ways – pre-writing framework so that I can still finish up with a “live feel”, yet not have all of the homework at the time of wrapping/posting.

This is all a work in progress and I thank you for growing with me in this art of learning.

It doesn’t have to stop with me.  PLEASE continue and add to the momentum of being positive and getting things done.

I believe in me AND you. Will you PLEASE believe in you and me?

One Love, Namaste,

Marco Antonio Berrios

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