It takes 28 dayz to start a new habit – say the scientists.

Today is day 3 of this new habit – Dawg’z Daily Dose.

It makes sense for we are entering Chapter XV of “Just Another Stranger” – That’s a Bio-Chronicle I started writing when I was 19.  It’s pretty amazing because I literally documented my life for 2 years before burning to a crisp, Flat Lining and Recovering beyond all expectations. 


I still pray every day at every meal – not to some dude in a robe, but to the Entire Entity We ARE.

I start by giving thanks for being allowed to wake up – a gift so many of use neglect.

Next is thanks for all my body parts working in and out – health is another gift you can not buy. <3

Third is respect to the animals and all life that is exchanging energy with me.  Yes, I even respect the lettuce in the cheeseburger, not just the cow.


That being said,THANK YOU for growing into this new habit with me.  I have a feeling Dawg’z daily Dose may come late at night – it’s how I’ve written most of the other Chapters.  Oh, I’m releasing Chapter I very soon.  I just need to make time to scan some images and work the epub magic.


THANK YOU AGAIN for being Incredible fans and more importantly BEing the Change.

Remember, PLEASE put respect in everything you do, especially respect in yourself.


– Love

– Dawg


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