RESPECT IS a 2 WAY streetFundamentals SkyThis is the foundation to Fundamental #3 – No Free Rides.

I GIVE every time I Take.  It don’t have to be cash, it can be Cooking, Cleaning or Paint

This is based on the principal that I RESPECT no matter what you gave me, you had to invest some sort of time to earn what you are now giving. character isThis means anyone in any exchange. Ever thank a bus driver for stopping for you or for showing up on time?  It’s not your job, but there is still an exchange of ENERGY based on Respect.

Respect that we’re not all born with the same cards but still gotta play the game.  Respect that we all bleed red and love feeling loved.  Respect that positive vibes I transmit, will be received and bounced back to me ten fold.

Respect that you are giving to me what you earned for YOU.

Since I know what it is to have not, I will respect that fact that you are being gracious enough to give and consequently return the respect with energy – jewelery, clean your house, make you a website, give a reading, massage or cook you several meals.  Subsidy truth

If you simply have your hand out without expecting to give anything back, you may have to look yourself in the mirror and ask yourself what other people REALLY think about you and/or your situation.  Then ask yourself if you REALLY follow Fundamental #1 – Respect yourself.

For the record – I’m DO walk the walk I’m talking – I’m piss broke right now. Out of necessity, I reached out to several people asking for financial help. HOWEVER, I was NOT extending an empty hand.  I ALSO offered an exchange for that help: custom Sugar Quartz Jewelery FAR below market value.

They all came through, out of love and respect.  The jewelry I made and am about to make will reflect my gratitude and respect beyond any words I can find.  <3

I love every soul on Earth – animal, plant, even the inhumane humans,





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