All I see is stats on Sunday – Saturated – I figured some spill some over to Monday to spread the Love 🙂

in Congress vs the People. . .

Congress is STILL averaging $172.50 an hour and only work 189 days per year

but the People have a National Minimum Wage of LESS THAN $10 per Hour and usually have to work TWO jobs to make ends meet.

Congress also Wrote laws preventing auditing so that

the People can not Check on their Employees and ALSO forget that Congress is EMPLOYED BY the People.constitution is                       In Related stats:

Some People say that voting does not solve anything.

Scientists say, doing the same thing expecting a different result is insanity.

Some People/Scientists say that Voting DOES solve the problem when UTILIZED CORRECTLY.  awakeThey define this by not repeating the insanity and ONLY voting for 3rd and 4th NON Incumbents.

This will create a TRUE DEMOCRATIC PURGE.

In Corporations vs the People:

Corporations wrote Laws called “Corporate Personahood” that legally made them “People” thus allowing them to be Corporations AND People at the same time.  This Law ALSO alloweS corporations to make ANONYMOUS, UNLIMITED, UNAUDITABLE TAX DEDUCTIBLE DONATIONS TO POLITICAL corruptionThe People continue to focus on distractions instead of #statsThatCount

IN People vs the People:

Racism, Sexism, Ageism, ANYTHINGism continues to separate humans instead of unite them.

However, Some people hope that all People evolve into bonding by their differences rather than destroy each other over them.

NamasteDefinitionFinal Stat: WE ARE ONE – Namaste

I love all of you, Marco Antonio Berrios aka Dawg #thewonderdawg


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