Not just for me, but for YOU too. Because you CHOSE to.  abandon stereotypeJust like when you CHOOSE to FOCUS on #StatsThatCOUNT

Perspective REALLY is based ONLY on what you choose to absorb, retain, and regurgitate.

Most of us regurgitate something we saw on tv or web showing someone say they saw – so we didn’t actually see for ourselves. Yet we call it FACT.

This means that most of our original opinions are based on second hand information, UNLESS we experience the things we talk about first hand.

Not only did I see a potential problem, I also provide a simple remedy.

Take the information you chose to absorb and process each word slowly.

Visualize the meaning of each word as you do this and put together images of the words with item itself.

This unique concept is called thinking.

I’m asking all of you to try this. It is known to help solve many subliminal diseases like:

“walking dead” “breathing to work” “trapped in a rat race” “barely making enough to barely make it enough to next week” “No time for anything important” and more.


I’m also asking you to listen to some dag gone music 😉  I heard the “Play All” and “share Buttons” are the coolest ones to press.

It’s just what I heard.  Maybe I heard myself say it, but I still heard it 😉 Lol.

Have a Great day, PLEASE START THINKING AND GIVING A CRAP ABOUT YOURSELF.  Because if YOU don’t care about you, nobody else is going to either. . .


Peace here, everywhere including the middle East,







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