Dawg is on a mission to leave the World a little better than he found it. 

He creates and performs MUSIC

with his bass,

Dawg acts for FILMS and music VIDEOS,

to stimulate minds, hearts and souls positively.

Dawg literally burned in his sleep in 1999. TouchedByFire62214He spent 19 days in Intensive care, 8 days in a coma, then flat lined before being given his second chance.


In August 2006, Dawg moved to Los Angeles seeking new creative ventures. He found himself doing more acting than music. He appears in several Professional and independent film projects and was even on ABC on a Monday night in December, 2007.

On 5/17/14, Dawg’s 19 year musical anniversary, he became the NUMBER ONE FUNK Artist in Los Angeles on ReverbNation.  TopDawg BannerThis was not before Dawg’s career at American Radio Networks in Hollywood as a radio announcer, hosting a 1 hour live show on KCLA-FM. His shows innovated interviews with subtle background music and other audio treats.

To make things more interesting Dawg also Discovered a 222lb Sugar Quartz Crystal crystalSugarQuartz62214 in December of 2013 and currently makes Limited edition, 1 of a Kind art Jewelry.  Please check out the art and get a piece while you can. . .

Dawg is also determined to enlighten American citizens about the problems in their nation.

His goal is to inspire people to take action so that they can control their own destinies without ever depending on others.

Dawg believes that Americans should oust all incumbents and replace them with people that care to make real, good, change.  He will never rest until he witnesses permanent Global CHANGE. He invites you to join the battle for accountability, truth, and honor.

Part of this change is Dawg’z Daily Dose – heart touching, mind awakening blogs – daily –

Sort of, I’m still trying to make this a new habit.  Come on work with me here. . . It starts with you clicking on this link :)

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  1. Would you mind if I quote a several of your posts as long as I provide credit and sources returning to your blog:
    http://www.marcoberrios.com/. I’ll aslo be certain to give you the appropriate anchor text link using your blog title:
    Dawg’z House | If I leave this World a little better than I
    found it, then I have succeeded. Be sure to let me know if this is ok with
    you. Thankyou – Scrape IT!.

  2. Thank you. The funny thing is that the answers are not in my head. I open up the spiritual channels and Source lets the answers flow through me. :) Please check out the music and share your favorite tracks


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